The UTV Archive

Over the years, every aspect of life in Northern Ireland has been captured by UTV and there are some exclusive interviews with celebrities such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, George Best and John DeLorean in UTV's archives.

Amongst the material from more recent decades is an extensive library of The Troubles and the Northern Ireland peace process. Beautiful aerial footage of the Northern Ireland countryside has recently been added to the catalogue. Futher information on UTV's Archive can be found here.

The Archive can also undertake viewing of 16mm film on a Steenbeck, transferring of 16mm film and a library facility for researchers to explore and view UTV's database.


UTV use the latest Marquis Broadcast's Media Highway technology for easy to use edit sequence archiving. Using MatrixStore, this new technology allows our clients to move entire sequences, including edit decisions, subclips and metadata, from dedicated Avid ISIS storage to the MatrixStore environment in a simple one-click process. This technology has greatly improved the workflow efficiency and resource management of both UTV and our clients work.