Web videos

UTV Facilities has unique access to one of the largest global content delivery networks and offers a proven, reliable, end-to-end solution for broadcasting highquality live video online. Our broadcasting service lets you stream standard or high-definition video from any event directly online in any major format. By controlling your signal from acquisition to delivery, we help ensure that your audience has the best viewing experience at all times.


Live and on-demand streaming

Online viewers are watching more content for longer periods of time and via a multitude of ever expanding new channels. Delivering content online presents exciting new ways to reach this rapidly developing market, but creating the infrastructure to provide this service is difficult and can be cost prohibitive for many content producers.

UTV Facilities offer a range of services that enable customers to quickly and cost-effectively access digital distribution methods that help them to realise their business goals. We work very closely alongside our customers to understand their needs and offer guidance when necessary on selecting the most appropriate online approach for them.